The Yama-Ichi War and the 4th Regime Yamaguchi Family

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Anonymous said...

hi my name is michael and i really like what ive seen lately with the yakuza videos that i saw on your website . since i was a little boy ive always wanted to go to japan and start a life their but i dont know how i would be treated there i love to watch yakuza movies and since were speaking truthfully here if i was able to join the yakuza i would 100% show my loyalty to the family but their is only one question that i and 87 other friends of mine that are loyal to me and what i do are wondering about will the yakuza let such a warrior of my caliber join their empire. i am lite skined african american . well built to follow who ever willing to give such an oppertunity to this 22 yrs old warrior ive always respect asians regardless of the circum stance. i dont have time for second guessing myself or others its not my style im respected by many becaues of my honor an loyatys. so my qustion to you is am i worthy for such an oppertunity to prove myself to the yakuza or am i not qualifed for such greatness .

Anonymous said...

the yakuza have such respect and honor to them selfs and there family mebers wich is why they are the most powerful mafia in the world im glad there still around

Anonymous said...

don't mess around, just do what has to be done. war last year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, if you are interested for more info, please contact the person with the YOUTUBE account name DeathyByMercy. There you will find your answer.