The Japanese Royal Palace: The World's Last Remaining Emperor and Longest Monarchy

Broadcast 1985 - Documentary on the Japanese Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Royal Grounds of the Last Remaining Emperor on Earth. At one point, atleast on paper, the Imperial Palace's real estate was worth more than the entire state of California. Theoretically, Japan could have bought the entire United States of America by selling only metropolitan Tokyo.

I think the Emperor should be given more power.

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Part 4

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Alex Case said...

Seeing how there is no fundemental difference between an emperor and a king, or indeed a sultan, I don't see how which word is used to describe the Japanese royal family makes them special.

Has anyone asked the Emperor if he wants more power? He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who does.

dabisu said...

The question is: more power, but what for? What do you want the emperor to do with that power?

My opinion is, that all human beings are born equal, and making some of them have more privileges than others, just because the blood they have in their veins, is unfair, to say the least. And when i say this, more than thinking in the emperor and his familiy in Japan (which i don't know well), i'm thinking of the royal family in my own country.

Anonymous said...

You can't just drop a political bomb like "I think the emperor should have more power" without elaborating on why.

MonarchyNation said...

Is giving "el presidente" more power beacause a portion of the populace vot.. opps I mean 'the people' choosed him, is any fair. In fact I would like every monarchy restored.