Political Problems between China and South Korea

We all know that there are political issues between Japan and China/Korea. But lately, China and Korea have had numerous run-ins with each other.

They include territorial arguments over Cho Haku Zan (Korean: Paek Tu San), a mountain located on the border between North Korea and China. It is holy to the Korean people but the Chinese up until recently have paid very little attention.

Also, there is the Kogurye Theories and the mysterious motives between why the Chinese Government-sponsored Historical Committee would want to start bringing this up now. The Kogurye Theory states that the Ancient Korean nation of Kogurye was actually just a Chinese Province.

The Kogurye Theories, by extension, would mean that most of the Korean Peninsula even Pyongyang and Seoul are actually rightful historical possessions of the Chinese. All of a sudden bringing this up now could mean that growing China is positioning herself to move into and occupy starving North Korea if and when it does collapse.

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Anonymous said...

heres what will happen when north korea collapses.

The top ranking north korean generals will immediately lead a coup.

Mass influx of starving north koreans across border china.

The last thing China wants is 20 million starving north koreans flooding Manchuria which is already fully saturated with Korean ethnicity.

So as for occupying North? China is more concerned with the fact that Manchuria will declare independence as a Korean nation.