Jibin Wong, 19. Soh Kan, 26: Life as a Foreign Chinese Student in Japan

Part 1

Part 2

Filmed 1996-2000. 1 hour 36 minutes 17 seconds -

Real Life Documentary on 4 years of life in Japan for 2 Chinese Students. 1 is Jibin Wong, a 19 year old woman and the other So Kan a 26 year old rich man whose father is a governor and mother a mayor. After spending his life savings in about a month, Kan quickly realizes that in Japan he is among the poorest. Wong too must work long hours to support herself. Documents the true story of Chinese Students working hard amid poverty. Their stories are totally different than Foreign Students from other nations with stronger currencies - these 2 arrive in Japan nearly penniless.

NOTE watch to very end after the song. there is a important message at the end.

An Angel from China to Japan: One Little Student


Anonymous said...

I've watch the little girl one and this one both were great, thanks for the upload and translation.

However browsing through FujiTV's archives, there was actually a 3rd! Documentary made that followed these two:

here is the website:

Can you find this and upload it?

Tyler said...

This is a greatt documentry. It toched me deeply

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such an inspirational video. It is truly an eye opening documentary about sheer persistance and hard work.

Hope someone would be able to get the 3rd follow up documentary if it is possible.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I asked a Chinese grad student in America why would someone from China want to study in Japan given that it's just as expensive to study in Japan as it is in America. He said the best students go to America, the second best go to Europe and the bottom go to Japan.