Speech by a Zainichi North Korean High School Student

A Zainichi North Korean is a North Korean National who lives in Japan. Almost all Zainichi North Koreans have been in Japan for decades, because North Korea does not let it's citizens out. They are a very clannish people, and tend to goto their own schools (comprising a curriculum based around the history of the dear leader Kim Jong-Il), work at their own companies, and socialize within their own circles - all while being under the watchful eye of the Chongryon, a North Korean Nationals Association.

Although North Korea related groups are known to tell their people what to say, there is no information to the contrary so as far as I know this is a genuine speech. What do you think?


OutragedKoreanAmerican said...

It's mindless idiots like that girl that put my family in South Korea in risk. I can't believe the Japanese government doesn't deport pro-North Korean Zainichi like her and those audience members. Every yen they send to North Korea buys weapons and equipment for the NK military.

Anonymous said...

That's it? All they said is North Korea and their missles are scary? Not really an insult, just an observation of facts.