Whaling and the Silencing of Carribean Nations

Although the presentation is bland (they should have atleast used some still images to gather attention), what he says is interesting and it is not that long so try watching it.

Department of Fisheries Negotiating Officer Mr. Morishita talks about how much of the whaling policies is led by small economically underdeveloped Carribean nations, but Japanese as well as foreign media largely report whaling as a Japan VS. Anti-Whalers issue.

Video brought to my attention by Youtuber pin1973


Anonymous said...

Sorry but you dont know anything about whaling facts!Cause your goverment support some mafia companys for the whaling and of course your media is works for them.
There are a lot of illegal ships on the international waters,it is a crime and offence!!

And now the world became a hard coerce to Japan about this problem so some Japanese companys are featuring that kind of fake informations.That's it!!!

Anonymous said...

As you said, they're underdeveloped nations with no interest in whaling. Japan gives them lots of aid. 2 + 2 = ?

oniazuma said...

No someone just asked me to post this. I personally don't care 1 way or another about whales. Unless they taste good in that case I would eat them.

Anonymous said...

If possible, could you translate this video into English? Thanks.