Imperial Japan's Aboriginal Taiwanese Volunteer Unit

Taiwan will forever be close to our hearts. We eternally owe Taiwan. The Aboriginal Taiwanese are quoted as saying that they will forever be a part of Japan. It is more like Japan will forever be a part of greater Taiwan.

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Wesley said...

I am a Taiwanese 36 years old. If World War III happens later on, I will fight for Taiwan and Japan like the kamikaze and Takasago. To continue the spirit and this is a promise. Takasago! We will remember you guys forever.


台湾には親日的な人が多い。しかも、日本統治時代の年配者ばかり では無く、若い人にもである。将来的に、日本国が人口減少により 移民を受け入れるならば、台湾の親日的な方を優先的に受け入れる べきだ。親日家なら良いが、嫌日韓国人・中国人を受け入れること は避けたい。