Why Democracy? - A Bumbling, yet somehow Down-to-Earth (atleast to me) Politician in Japan

Fall 2005 - Follows the campaign trail of aspiring Liberal Democratic Party councilman Kazuhiko Yamauchi.

Possessing no experience, no charisma, no support, no knowledge of Kawasaki City, which he is running for, he is abruptly chosen as the candidate by Prime Minister Koizumi.

He goes on a comical campaign showing how politics functions in this instance. Hours of repeating his name to random people at the train station. Practicing the proper grip in hand shakes. Being told to repeat his name some more.

On the upside, this is very honest. Maybe by trying so hard to make democracy look bad, this is actually reflecting a good side of democracy as well? Where else would you find such an honest look at politics?

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