Taiwan and Japan

5 minutes 15 seconds

We love Taiwan! Taiwan is Independent! Taiwan has nothing to do with China!


Tai Leng, Tan said...

This is the most one-sided video i have ever seen. The documentary bascially interviews one "Taiwanese" old lady and she is supposed to represent all Taiwanese? And the Taiwanese in the video who supposedly speaks Japanese? All they said were some basic greeting words in Japanese and they were supposed to know Japanese? So everyone can claim to know English just because they know how to say, "Nice to meet you"? Taiwan is a part of China and their economic rise is due to their own efforts and not as claimed in the video, due to Japanese people lying down the foundations. If that is the case, then all the places that the Japanese had colonised would have seen the same economical rise as Taiwan right? I am not against Japan or the Japanese people but i feel that this video is just pandering to the Japanese audience without any facts or reasoning behind it.

Wesley said...

Tai Leng Tan, fuck you! Taiwanese love Japan. If you belong to the blue in Taiwan, why don't you move back to China? But you stay in U.S like a fucking dog! The old lady is right, we love Japan like what she said, and she represents half of the Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Tai Leng has never stepped foot in Taiwan or he would not be able to escape the fact that there is hiragana writing everywhere. "One" old lady? Go ahead and interview my grandfather who was in the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII. He loves Japan and so do I. Like I said, walk into 7-11 and take a look at the Taiwanese snacks on the shelf. you will notice a の character on many of the snacks. Also, Japanese words are already part of the Taiwanese language like Ojisaan and Obaasan. Suripa (slipper), motobai (motor bike), Oishii, etc... Go to Ximen district and you will think you are in Japan.

Anonymous said...

I think ppl here are all too biased and too extreme on criticizing different opinions.

Being a Taiwanese, I definitely have a strong association with Japanese due to taiwan's colonial past. My grandparents were japanese educated therefore they still speak japanese. I have relatives in tokyo, hokkaido, and Fukuoka.

I myself, though living in the US, have a lot of japanese friends, and my ex-gf is japanese... However, I would NEVER say I love japan because I know that I grew up in taiwan, not japan. I'm very proud of being a taiwanese and an ethnic chinese, and my japanese friends respect that.

I certainly know ppl in taiwan who absolutely luv everything japanese, but one should never confused their own identities. People will only respect you if you know who you are, not who you are trying to be.

Anonymous said...

Obviously she is a ethic Chinese trying to act like a Japanese. shame on her.

Taiwanese can called whatever they want, but where does their spoken and written language comes from? They know it themselves best.