Fixing Families: Documentary on a Former Gangster who raises Troubled Youth

Documentary on Ito, a former Bosozoku Gangster and Ex-con who raises troubled kids in his own home alongside his family. Centers around two youth, Take and Takashi. Take is a former carjacker, who regularly beat his mother and took his family hostage and threatened to kill everyone he knew. Takashi is a repeat thief who was violently abused as a child. After getting his throat slit by a brother and almost dying, he has lived in foster homes all his life. Can Ito change their lives?

Part 1

Part 2


hxmxcrashtrap said...

Ugh. That Takeshi kid is such a snot.I was hoping he'd turn out okay like Take. =\

Anonymous said...

Same here lol. Great, touching documentary. Ito is a great man.

This is proven with how Take turns out.

Takeshi has more serious problems it seems, can't stop stealing from them and promises he will do his best then just says, I wanna go back to state care. All because he doesn't wanna do homework and do right lol, what a lil shit.