Zeroyon, Rolling, and Gurachan Zoku

90s era offshoots of the Bosozoku.
They are different from Bosozoku. The Gurachan are the coolest lol
What the Gurachan are doing is so unique and I think artistic.
If they were in a more welcoming country, they probably would be much more respected for their artistic ability and efforts. But in Japan most people just see them as idiots lol

I like Bosozoku more. I wish they would make a comeback.


Although the Bosozoku are dying, they seem to have reappeared in other countries like in South Korea. It is strange how they are celebrating independence from Japan by using a Japanese Subculture. Alot of Koreans told me this is not Japanese, but even the word bosozoku is Japanese.

I guess it is similar to Chinese people singing anti-Japanese songs while enjoying a Japanese pasttime Karaoke. Or anti-western activists using the internet to spread anti-american messages.


A Revolutionary Change to the Future of the Automobile Industry has entered the market from North Korea

Actually they are kind of cool like how they don't use English on their labels. I want one.

I don't know what they are saying. Actually I am not even sure if it is North Korean but that is what I was told.

Speech on Nanking Massacre by Professor Shudo Higashinakano

Different perspective on Nanking Massacre.
50 years after the fact, especially considering there is larger more recent unsolved issues, is Nanking used more for politics and special interest than pure historical debate?

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Looking at the Nanking "Massacre" Photographic Evidence provided by the Chinese Communist Party