The Rise of the 5th Regime Yamaguchi Family

Very good documentary centered around the Nanbayasu Family, a Family operating under the huge Yamaguchi Family. We see many of the things of Yakuza Culture we normally do not see.

The Shintoist Rituals of the gangsters. The holy swords in the offices. The Family Flag and the philosophy behind wars. The small poor families, one of which operates out of an apartment complex, who seem to be operating not for money but for honor, or their interpretation of it. A Yakuza Elder Ritualist, who is at one glance just a neighborhood grandfather, and his philosophy on the Path.

Part 1

“The Yamaguchi Family is a Paramilitary Force.”

- Chairman Yoneoka of the Yoneoka Industries, a small family based out of Nihon-bashi, Osaka (Now a Otaku Enclave) They are known for their bloodthirsty temperament.

“You kill before you get killed. That is the Yakuza Way.”

- Waka-Gashira (Young Head, Underboss) Takeshi Kagotani of the Nanbayasu Family, based out of Sakai City, Osaka

“Not once have I ever regretted this life. Ever. I made my own decisions.”

- Chairman Hiroshi Yoneoka, 2nd Regime boss of the Yoneoka Industries, on his 14 years in the penitentiary

Part 2

“So as long as men continue to respect other men, the Yakuza will keep growing?” “Yes.”

- Chairman Ryuji Hayashi of the Hayashi Family, a small 30 member family based out of Kishiwada City, Osaka.

“A True Yakuza would never order his men to kill or die for him. Would a real father do that to his own children?”

- Yakuza Elder Kazuma Tsumura, on the Younger Yakuza

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