Zeroyon, Rolling, and Gurachan Zoku

90s era offshoots of the Bosozoku.
They are different from Bosozoku. The Gurachan are the coolest lol
What the Gurachan are doing is so unique and I think artistic.
If they were in a more welcoming country, they probably would be much more respected for their artistic ability and efforts. But in Japan most people just see them as idiots lol

I like Bosozoku more. I wish they would make a comeback.


Although the Bosozoku are dying, they seem to have reappeared in other countries like in South Korea. It is strange how they are celebrating independence from Japan by using a Japanese Subculture. Alot of Koreans told me this is not Japanese, but even the word bosozoku is Japanese.

I guess it is similar to Chinese people singing anti-Japanese songs while enjoying a Japanese pasttime Karaoke. Or anti-western activists using the internet to spread anti-american messages.


TheLegend said...

These 2 videos don't seem to be working for me. I wonder what could be the problem since the other videos are still working.

Btw Oniazuma, why is it that you respect the Bosozoku? Aren't they just criminals that modify their bikes? lol

oniazuma said...

yes i think they arent working

well i just like things like that hehe most japanese ppl dont

Kaneganese said...


I'm studying Takeshima issue on the blog called dokdo-or takeshima? by Gerry Bevers. Could you please translate the videos below so that it could become more recognized by foreigners?





thelegend said...

I think what would be funny is if they drove or parked those cars in residential areas here in London, the owner of the car would be sure to get mugged (espicially the ones with hydraulics).

oniazuma said...

fuck london how about iraq

Anonymous said...

u kno whats funny, japanese always say hey look other asians are copying us and blah blah blah

well contemprorary japanese and its subcultures are also in one way another copied from west!


it just adds to the embarassing nature of japanese. its okay for them to copy white men but when other asians copy them its suddenly not right

your a joke oniazuma.

but i enjoy these 90s documentaries...thanks for uploading them!

oniazuma said...


Anonymous said...

wait so oniazuma were you born in japan or are you japanese-american or japanese-...... cause youre english is pretty good

Anonymous said...


u not upload new videos anymore whats up?

shawna said...

miss your site~!
no new videos in so long.
Are you ok?

dabisu said...

I was getting accustomed to see your videos from time to time... Guess you busy lately and cannot post new videos, hope you're ok and to see new stuff soon :)!!

oniazuma said...

Yes I am sorry I have'nt been posting that much I got kind of bored because I get so much more views on youtube but then I will alot of things erased there and the fact that it is kind of hard for people to have a debate on here because you just have to keep coming back it doesnt notify you

hambun said...

Koreans are ALWAYS copying Japanese. And then when you point it out they get mad and change the subject. lol
If they're so anti-Japanese, they need to stop copying us! Loosers. They need to worry more about their little KimchiJung ILL dictator starving half their country.

Anonymous said...

hi.. im from indonesia..

think it's bit ridicullous bout the topic.. seem fun enough..

what if you write something bout my country..

we're brother, arent we?

Anonymous said...


【伝記】 吉田茂 ~ 「日本独立」 その光と影 Part.1-6

【外交史】 日本の外交・明治編 Part.1-7




Anonymous said...

Its funny how this Japanese guy believes Japan invented Bosozoku and Karaoke. And that other asians are copying them.

Bosozoku is the Japanese word for motorcycle gangs. How the hell did Japan invent motorcycle gangs? Motor cycle gangs existed in the west long before Japan even knew what a motorcycle was. Motor cycle gangs do not qualify as an invention nor is it unique Japanese culture. Its like the Japanese claiming dancing was invented by them. Even though every country in the world has people who dance.

Koreans and Chinese are also copycats because they drink Mizu. Mizu is a Japanese invention ince Mizu is a Japanese word. For those of you who dont know what Mizu is. Mizu = plain ordinary water. Are Koreans and Chinese copy cats for breathing air too? Karaoke was also invented in the west, not Japan. Ever heard of recording studios? Karaoke is nothing more then a smaller version of recording studios. The Japanese love to believe they are creative when in reality the only thing they do is take a western invention and make it smaller. A smaller radio is not a new invention. Much like how a smaller recording lip syncer(Karaoke machine) is not a new invention. Do the Japanese enjoy taking credit for everything they didnt actually invent. I even remember the Japanese accusing Koreans of copying Pocky. Even though bread sticks dipped in chocolate are not a Japanese invention. The Japanese even claim they invented sashimi or raw fish. Even though wild animals eat raw fish all the time.

Japan must have invented everything right?

Anonymous said...

日本病 石井紘基衆議院議員 1-5

I want to subtitle of this video.

Anonymous said...



nono said...

i think this arent working....

David said...

You know what I think is funny?
All of these anonymous retards like post #16 talking shit & trying to get all confrontational.

I bet that you faggot asses wouldn't talk shit at all if you weren't anonymous.

It's an old post, but I just felt like commenting, because I noticed an annoying trend where all the trolling fuckfaces are all anonymous cowards with no screen name.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Koreans are always copying Japan. I remember growing up in CA and the dumb Korean kids at school would say that Sailor Moon, Hello kitty (Sanrio), even Pokeman are Korean. They also do the same with things like Pocky. What ingrate!

What a JOKE those people are!